Top E-Menu Design Trends for 2018

E-menus really are the future of the hospitality industry.  They’re versatile, easy to use,  and environmentally-friendly.  If your restaurant hasn’t made the switch to e-menus, now is definitely the time!  We’ve seen increased customer satisfaction and sales in the restaurants we have helped, and we would love to do that for you and your business.  There’s a lot to consider when choosing an e-menu, one of those considerations being the design of the menu.  Here are our top e-menu design trends for 2018!


Traditional printed menus can be long and very busy, making it more difficult for your customers to understand their choices.  Using an e-menu is a great way to make your menu simple and easy to understand. 

We’ve noticed a trend toward a simple and minimalistic design in 2018 – a clean, easy to use e-menu is what your customers are expecting.  If you’re making the switch to an e-menu in 2018, consider a simple design for your customers.


While your menu should be simple, it should also look professional – some simple menu designs can seem boring and outdated.  By using an appropriate amount of colour throughout the menu, you can make your menus vibrant and fun while promoting your brand.

Use Images

It’s very important to use images throughout your menu to let your customers know what your menu options look like.  Be sure to use high-quality images – low-quality images won’t attract your customers to buy items on the menu, so it’s worth investing in better quality pictures that really represent your style and food.

Include Entertainment

For family friendly restaurants you’ll want to include some form of entertainment on your e-menus.  Games are the most popular entertainment option for e-menus, as it can give kids things to do throughout the meal.  You can even monetise those games for some added revenue!  A tablet menu makes it very easy for kids to access and play games – parents will definitely be thanking you for an entertainment option right at the table!

Think of Your Customer Base

Keep your customer base in mind when designing your e-menus – you probably know what your customers want and what they don’t want.  Tailor your e-menu to match the tone and feeling of your restaurant and provide exactly what your customers need to have a great experience.

If you’ve established a casual dining experience, keep your e-menus casual and vibrant.  The same goes for a fancier dining experience.  Always match the tone of your restaurant with your e-menu design.  

The AI-Menu Difference

 Our state of the art menu system is going to revolutionise the restaurant industry, and now is a great time to make the transition to an e-menu in your restaurant.  We provide only the highest quality products and services in our e-menu systems, and can customise a system that is right for your business.  Here are our current options for customisation:

Option 1 – tablets used for all orders, including food and drinks

Option 2 – use tablets for only drinks and have waiters take food orders on those same tablets

Option 3 – waiters use the tablets to process all orders

We know that each restaurant is different and has different needs – if you’re focused on face to face customer interactions, option 3 may be a better option for you.  If you’re focused on an easy, casual dining service, option 1 may work best for your restaurant.  

A consultation with one of our e-menu experts can help you decide what is right for your business.  If you’d like more information on our services or systems and want to set up a consultation, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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